Claudia Manzini-Egger, M.S.
Claudia Manzini-Egger, M.S.
Autogenic Training & Hypnotherapy, Maennedorf, Switzerland
In the hypnotic state you can, among others, recognise unknown parts of yourself and integrate them consciously into yourself. Through this you strengthen yourself and regain your own inner balance according to your core nature.
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Autogenic Training is a form of self hypnosis, which you will learn to do in a few weeks. Aim of the course is, on the one hand to learn the method and its applications and on the other hand to understand experience the own depths. These will be integrated in a more conscious way of living.
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The faster we react to them, the better! We can certainly use this sentence also applied to adults, though studies show that children and adolescents can fall very fast into deep pain. They do not yet have the inner strength to hold themselves. They are not grown up yet. That is the reason children and adolescents always have priority if they need help.
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About Me

Claudia is a highly trained psychotherapist with deep experience in Integrative Depth Psychology based Hypnotherapy. Claudia has also been a course instructor at Autogenic training GTH and is the Chairperson of GTH Switzerland (Association of Integrative Depth Psychology based Hypnotherapy and Research of Hypnosis).

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Upcoming group trips August 11th to August 13th 2018: hiking and meditation in the Swiss mountains Januay 2019, trip to Ecuador On the Golden Path

Autogenic Training & Its Levels

The next course starts on May 12, 2016 Autogenic training (after Schultz, 1928) is one of the best known and most effective methods of self-relaxation. It is highly recommended by doctors and therapists and can be learned by any person at any age.

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