autogenic training, mannendorf, switzerland

Balance – at work and in everyday life

Autogenic training (after Schultz) is one of the best known and most effective methods of self-relaxation. It is highly recommended by doctors and therapists and can be learned by any person at any age.
Autogenic training is a form of self-hypnosis that you will learn to independently learn in a few weeks.
The aim of the course is, on the one hand, to learn the method and its applications and, on the other hand, to understand and experience one’s own unconscious depths, which can be introduced simultaneously into one’s “more conscious” life.

Relaxation and be quiet, definitely, but that alone is not enough

The autogenic training was 1928 by I.H. Schultz coined.

It is an easy-to-learn method that has many positive physiological and mental effects, e.g.
• The recovery of calm
• Easy falling asleep and staying asleep
• Stress reduction
• Increase concentration
• manage examination fears
• Increase sports performance
• Handle pain better
• coping with difficult life situations
• Feel and recognize yourself better
• Take your life more consciously in your own hands

Physiological aspects

On the physiological level, it is an excellent way to balance all brain levels. This balance is the basis for the optimal functioning of our ability to think and react, even in stressful situations. Our nervous system calms down, we can deal more calmly with everyday situations.

Psychic and mental aspects
And yet the autogenic training goes even deeper. In this course you will not only learn the practical aspects of autogenic training, but above all the complex and complex connections of the psyche. Including z. Why sometimes you have some reactions that you do not want, where they come from and what you can do to get out of those patterns. For this we will take a closer look at the depth psychological (unconscious) and emotional aspects of it. It is also important to know why each formula has a very specific effect and meaning.

The more consciously you work for yourself with this method, the deeper you will experience its effect.

If you attend the course within a group, we meet a total of nine times, eight times, one at a time, if possible, once a week. The ninth meeting will take place two months after the last meeting. Each meeting lasts 60 to 75 minutes. Then practice, practice, practice, and it works! It is a method that you will have forever. If she is learned correctly, she will not forget.

If you would rather learn the method in one-on-one sessions, we will determine the dates and duration of the course together (in general, there are between three and five sessions).