What is Hypnosis?

Just like waking (vigilance) and sleeping, hypnosis is a natural state of consciousness. During hypnosis, one focuses one something specific, so that the breadth of vigilance is limited. This implies lowered perception of internal and external stimuli, with perception being focused on a very narrow band. We all know this state, only often don’t realize it. For example, we experience it during an exciting conversation, a movie, a fight or while seeing a beautiful landscape that the body and soul enjoy. In all these cases, and many more, we are already in hypnosis.

The method we apply here brings together the body and the soul, as an integrated whole that should remain undivided. With the accompaniment of Life History Analysis in hypnosis, all the parts of a person are considered and integrated into consciousness. With the HITT (Hypno- Integrative Psychodynamics Therapy), we accompany a person into the deepest layers of his/her subconscious, so that he/she can find inner balance within the Self.

How does this method work?

By means of the so-called conscious hypnosis, we go into the deepest layers of the unconscious, supported by depth psychology, and a holding ritual that helps the person feel sheltered and supported along his/her way. This method is called HITT (Hypno-Integrative Psychodynamics Therapy). With it, the person has the opportunity to understand what is important to him/her, to recognize his/her own nature, to realize principles for his/her internal and personal ways, to assist him/herself along those ways. As a result, this person expands his/her own consciousness, sees all personal interests and consciously integrates them, thereby becoming more and more comfortable within themselves, feeling more whole, and being able to let the symptoms , addictions, pain, etc… go.

Why do we need to look at life history and stir the past?

We do not have to do that. What we want is to reach the according brain layer were the happening is “stored”. We cannot go into the past as such since the past is already past. Nevertheless, if we go in the remembrance, look at it again, feel and understand what happened then (out of our todays perspective and maturity), we have the possibility to work it through and let it go, if that is what we want to do.

We remember all which happens during. What we say and what we feel. The aim of it is to expand our consciousness. Eventually we can integrate that which we lived in the hypnosis in our present time.

How does it work in practice? How long does it take?

There are several possibilities. We consider the symptoms as ambassadors of our Selves. We can’t just delete the symptoms or make them disappear. Rather, we must perceive them, understand them, and integrate this knowledge.

If the problem persists, and the life of the person is otherwise well handled, we can work with the so-call focal analysis. This can take between 5 and 20 sessions. There is always work in hypnosis, so that the roots of the problem can be found and processed.

Is the life story heavily loaded, or would the person like to learn more about themselves, even after focal analysis, we then take the going-back- year- after- year method, from the present to fathering time. If we choose to go into the intrauterine phase, we go back month after month. If appropriate and desired, we can also go back into past lives. The length of the process, therefore, varies according to the age of the person, and the depth of analysis that is sought.