When a person’s energy happens to lose its inner balance this often creates an inner pressure. This inner pressure can make physical and psychological symptoms arise.

Unconsciously, we fall very slowly into this imbalance, unaware of it. Days, months, years can pass without the person noticing it. Slowly, gradually, we cease to hear our own nature. We change very slowly, without being aware of it.

If a person is out of balance, he/she no longer feels comfortable with him/herself. The symptoms that he/she feels can be diverse. For example, general addictions (smoking, drinking too much, too much or too little food, drugs), insomnia, pain, stress, depression, lack of understanding and aggression, test anxiety, organic problems … it may come to the point where that person is unable to work… he or she does not function any more.

The goal here is not to bring such people back to work, but rather to accompany them towards “healing”, from the Greek “Holon”, which means achieving the integrity of the Self in all its parts.